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NYC Cablecam Rentals 

NYC Cablecam rentals is the first supplier of cable camera rentals local to New York City.  We offer the most innovative world class camera support equipment rentals capturing spectacular aerial shots perfectly. Our cablecams feature a completely motorized platform with increasingly fast set ups and a remarkable stablized head movement.


With much gratitude, our cablecam rentals made their debut on the NYC Spring fashion week 2015 flying safely over 172 feet of landmarked realistate. From the fashion runway, concerts, corporate events, sports coverages, inside or outside, our cablecam will contiue to bring you the highest quality performance at stunning views and angles.


As a well-established name in the business, we ensure production assistance through the latest in cable camera technology for absolute reliability, safety, and effective results. 


Find out why we’re one of the best in NYC. Book our New York cablecam rentals for comprehensive cable camera systems and support equipment by calling +1 888.887.5427 today.


Technojib rentals NYC telescoping arms


Wireless controlled 2 point installation 

  • New York cable camera has incredible speeds ranging from 0 to 40 mph.

  • Our incredible 40 pound payloads while holding up to 25 lbs of stabilzed camera payloads.

  • Kevlar runs from 10 feet to 1000 feet holding a safe rating of 7500 mbs.

  • You can order an optional FIZ rental control for camera zoom, focus and Iris control.

  • We will rig the cables and you supply access to 2 mounting points. Its that easy.

  • We offer a wireless High Definition transmission through walls, Live Television Broadcasting, 1080 up to 60p in a multiple of speeds and formats. Wireless range of 1000 ft of in a line of sight using our amplifier system.

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